Our Healthcare Clients

Bassett Healthcare Network

The Bassett Healthcare Network is an integrated healthcare system that provides care and services to people living in an eight-county region covering 5,600 square miles in upstate New York. The organization includes six corporately-affiliated hospitals as well as skilled nursing facilities, community and school-based health centers, and health partners in related fields. The Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown, NY features a teaching hospital associated with the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and is a nationally recognized leader and innovator in the field of rural medicine. Bassett’s management team, striving to provide improved Customer Service and increased patient satisfaction, created and integrated a Centralized Scheduling Group within the existing Operator Services to form the Bassett Call Center. ACD queues and an intelligent attendant console system in use in the Call Center were deployed to small end-user groups in targeted departments to obtain statistical data and drive cross-functional workflow processes. Despite efficiencies anticipated from these efforts, service levels remained low, call abandonment rates remained high, and patient complaints held steady. Bassett retained PowerHouse to assist with an in-depth review and assessment of call handling processes throughout the organization to identify potential call flow efficiencies and design enhancements. PowerHouse embedded one of its consultants in the Bassett organization to lead the call handling efforts and serve as Interim Call Center Director. Process and technological barriers to call handling in the clinical departments were identified and removed, resulting in more direct routing of calls to the staff best equipped to handle them.

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) is a world-renowned research and academic medical institution. CCF sought to accommodate its continued growth while providing “world-class” service at reasonable cost. PowerHouse conducted an Operational Assessment at the Telephone Operations Call Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The assessment included a focused analysis of the hardware, software, applications, utilities, environment, and procedures currently utilized within the Call Center. PowerHouse recommended both short- and long-term solutions related to technology, operations, policy, performance measures, and management.

MedStar Health

MedStar Health (MSH) is the largest healthcare provider in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area. MedStar’s nine hospitals, Health Research Institute, and 20 health-related organizations are recognized regionally and nationally for excellence in medical care. MSH recognized the importance of Service Excellence and creating the MedStar Experience at every initial point of contact with its patients and customers. Its Call Centers were identified as an area of great potential for enhancing the Patient Experience and driving business to MSH entities. The goal was to delight Patients and Customers throughout the MedStar Health System by facilitating access to all information and services via streamlined processes, quick responses, and sincere and caring professionals for all customer contact channels. PowerHouse was selected to assist MSH to standardize protocols and processes across Call Center functions to reflect best-in-class Healthcare services and make the communication experience easy for all. Our consultants, expert in the healthcare arena, conducted a Call Center Assessment to analyze and document current Contact Center performance across the Health System, including key processes, technology, and operational practices. We also examined processes and operational practices in the key areas set forth by MSH. These included Appointment Scheduling, Patient Registration, Insurance Verification, Information/Marketing, Operator Service, Patient Complaint Management, and Referring Physician Access to MSH Services. Upon completion of the assessment, PowerHouse performed a gap analysis between the current state and that envisioned by MedStar Health’s business leaders. We made recommendations related to Contact Center performance, technology, work processes, staffing and skill sets, reporting relationships, and environmental and cultural factors. Our consultants partnered with MedStar to develop a comprehensive three-year plan for consolidating the Call Center operations, thus streamlining processes, improving service and efficiency, and ultimately enhancing the Patient Experience.

New York University – NYU Langone Medical Center

New York University Langone Medical Center (NYULMC) is a premier academic medical center located in New York City. The Medical Center is in the midst of a multi-year, multi-building Campus Transformation project that involves the construction of a new clinical care pavilion, necessitating the demolition of an existing building housing the institution’s main enterprise telecommunications platform. NYULMC engaged PowerHouse to assist in the development of a multi-year Strategic Telecommunications Plan that fully integrates with the Campus Transformation project. The project included planning the migration of 15,000 extensions from the current environment of multiple Siemens, Cisco, and Nortel PBX’s and multiple disparate Call Center platforms to a single enterprise-wide Voice over IP telecommunications platform and a single Call Center platform. As part of this project, PowerHouse consultants physically inventoried and electronically documented more than 200 wiring closets and technology rooms. Work on this project began in August 2009. Since that time, our enterprise-wide telephony strategy and subsequent multi-year tactical plan for phased infrastructure improvements were approved by the institution’s Executive Board. PowerHouse also developed systems and applications specifications and managed an extensive systems procurement process through to successful contract negotiations with the selected vendor. We were also asked to conduct a survey to ascertain the level of adoption and comfort with IP Telephony among other large health system organizations. PowerHouse reached out to large medical centers, most with more than 14,000 lines; twenty-two surveys were completed. The information yielded from the survey was critical in that NYULMC was able to gain valuable information that would ultimately impact the success of future system acquisition and implementation. PowerHouse continues to provide on-going project management assistance to NYULMC for the enterprise-wide implementation of the new telecommunications platform.

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Seattle Children’s Hospital specializes in meeting the unique physical, emotional, and developmental needs of children from infancy through young adulthood. The hospital is consistently ranked among the nation’s best children’s hospitals due to its nursing excellence and association with the University of Washington School of Medicine. Seattle Children’s Hospital realized that its aging communications telephony infrastructure was unable to support the growing Patient Scheduling Call Center. A new Cisco IP Telephony system was deployed and PowerHouse was engaged to complete an assessment of the Contact Center performance in conjunction with the system. Our consultants analyzed the key processes, technology, and operational practices that were in place and identified the Contact Center’s business and technology requirements associated with the upgraded system. The engagement resulted in both a short- and long-term recommendation plan for implementing the systems and processes needed for a high volume, high complexity scheduling system.