Strategic Outsourcing Planning and Solutions

Are you currently outsourcing your Call Center or considering the possibility? A decision to outsource all or part of the Call Center operation can have a powerful impact on the business – either good or bad. A company’s goals for outsourcing must include protecting the brand while at the same time providing stellar service to valued customers. A flawed design or bungled implementation can bring disaster to the most well-intentioned strategic decision.

Before you make a change, call PowerHouse Consulting. We can help you maximize the Customer Experience while minimizing the business risk associated with outsourcing. We are not an outsourcer, but a valued advisor to our clients for the planning, implementation, and management of Call Center on-shore or off-shore outsourcing.

Our consultants assist in the decision-making process or help plan and manage any aspect of procurement, implementation, and maintenance. We possess the knowledge and savvy to balance potential savings with the assurance of a positive customer interaction.

Tough questions need powerful answers. Outsourcing a Call Center can yield substantial savings, but only if implemented correctly. The decision-making process is significant and many questions must be considered:

  • Is the Customer Experience compatible with our brand?
  • What are the benefits and pitfalls to my organization?
  • What are the real risks, true costs, and implications of managing outsourced operations?
  • Is the outsourced Contact Center sustainable and maintainable?
  • How can I protect my customers, stakeholders, and business interests?

PowerHouse offers a full suite of services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Location Selection
  • Outsourcing Feasibility Study
  • Call Center Assessment
  • Outsourcing RFP Process
  • Vendor Selection, Procurement, and Negotiation
  • Location Selection
  • Operations and Data Management
  • Telecom Transfer
  • Knowledge Transfer and Training
  • Vendor Oversight and Management