Podcast – Contact Center Insights with Nancy Munro of Verbal Transactions featuring Kathleen Peterson – PowerHouse Consulting – Teach Vendors How to Listen!

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We’ve all had to sit through some type of vendor demo in the past – some more painful than others. Too often when a proposal has been submitted and the vendor selected to move to the next level of the purchase process, we see the demo focus on things other than what was proposed. In this episode, Kathleen and Nancy …

Turnover … But Not The Good Kind

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A top issue in Contact Centers is retention of talent at the front line. A poor investment in frontline job quality will cost employers in higher turnover. How to recognize the value of retention and link it to the requisite investment to reduce turnover.

Beware … Five Signals of Customer Care Burnout

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Today’s unemployment rate ought to frighten leaders into providing environments that generate enthusiasm, learning and contribution rather than rules-driven dictatorships. How to manage demand and create a healthy, thriving operation that delivers on the brand and customer.

A Memo About Your Demo

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It is always a good sign when investments in technology are being made. Typically, technology providers are asked to deliver a system “demo.” Too often when a proposal has been submitted and the vendor selected to move to the next level of the purchase process, we see the demo focus on things other than what was proposed. Tips for the …

Cautious Optimism … Taking Ownership of Communication

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The fine art of interacting with other humans to solve problems is a skill that needs to be polished. We are now in a social environment in which conversation has morphed into text messages, social media postings, photos and ‘emojis.’ Learn the communication essentials that are critical to frontline Contact Center reps.

Getting Off To A Flying Start … Or Are You?

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The Contact Center is a complex operational environment whose leaders must have all the foundational elements under control.  When those without a real understanding of what it takes to run a Contact Center make leadership selections, they may be basing decisions on the wrong criteria. Learn the foundational elements that are necessary to run a successful Call Center.

Beware Healthcare … Your Access Center May Be at Risk!

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Contact Centers are among the fastest-growing segment in Healthcare, with hospitals consolidating and forming “systems.” It is relatively painless to centralize finance, billing, and IT from an “emotional” perspective. The bigger challenge comes when centralizing scheduling within an Access Center. Critical foundational success factors to consider when creating Healthcare Call Centers.

Are You Ready, Willing, and Able for Digital Access?

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Changes are abundant as we continue to evolve from 20th to 21st century approaches in Contact Center management, infrastructure, and technology. Is your Contact Center serious about digital readiness that supports access to services across multiple channels?

Are You Sure Your Contact Center Is On Solid Ground?

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Contact Centers must operate on solid ground or they will crumble. That means a solid strategic foundation and one that drives management practices, technology acquisitions, and customer relationships. Does your Call Center have all the components of a solid organizational foundation?

Please Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

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When your profession requires you to report on activities within your business unit—and if you are a Contact Center leader, this includes you—the art of crafting your message is critical to it being heard, well-received, and acted upon. Delivering a message is as much about how the message is communicated as the message itself.  It takes courage to bring forth …