Our Insurance Clients


BeneStream provides businesses with innovative cost saving products and services by connecting their qualified employees to government benefits. Programs ensure that employees receive government benefits to which they are entitled: Food Stamps, Medicaid, Child Health Plus, and benefits associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). BeneStream services and programs are provided as an outsource service, one that is usually available only to large companies with dedicated Human Resources personnel. With the rollout of the ACA, BeneStream needed to set up a Call Center to help employers and employees navigate the application process. PowerHouse was selected to assist the organization in determining the best type of Call Center to establish. Our consultants evaluated the options – outsourced, in-house, or a hybrid Contact Center solution. Due to the unknown quantities and make-up of expected calls, the decision was made to implement a flexible and expandable inhouse Call Center. While more than fifteen languages might be needed, bi-lingual English/Spanish representatives would be hired inhouse, with other language skills to be outsourced. PowerHouse assisted in qualifying high performing bi-lingual Call Center supervisors and representatives. We provided guidance on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), contract schedules, management structure, performance metrics, training, and implementation processes. PowerHouse also analyzed and made recommendations on the key telephony and technology systems that would allow for a robust system with maximum expandability.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation offers insurance products to homeowners living in high-risk areas and to others who cannot find coverage in the private insurance market. The company decided to move its Operations Center to a new location in Jacksonville, FL. The Operations Center included a Data Center and the organization’s 150-seat Call Center. PowerHouse facilitated the acquisition of a new phone system that would allow Citizens to connect its Operations Center to its corporate headquarters in Tallahassee as well as to its Storm Operations Centers that were built (as needed) to handle hurricane claims. Citizens looked to VoIP for flexibility in servicing customers, particularly in the event of a catastrophic hurricane. The outcome was a Siemens HiPath 4000 converged VoIP/TDM system that serviced four locations and approximately 1000 users.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is the sole provider of automobile insurance in British Columbia. ICBC looked to PowerHouse to develop a Voice Technology Infrastructure Blueprint for its new consolidated Call Center as well as support additional Call Center business initiatives. In a long-term project, PowerHouse completed a comprehensive analysis of ICBC Customer Care divisions. We examined the entire division’s workflow, management structure, technical infrastructure, and operational procedures. PowerHouse also developed a Strategy Plan for the Customer Care division to emerge as a strategic asset to the corporation as a whole.

Next Generation Enrollment, Inc.

Next Generation Enrollment, Inc. (NGE) provides administrative services related to Contact Center, bill reconciliation, COBRA, and FSA administration to small and medium sized employer groups. These services are usually available only to large employers. With anticipated growth due to changes in the Healthcare market resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), NGE was concerned that its Contact Center, a critical element of its service delivery, needed revamping to accommodate the increase in forecasted activity. NGE engaged PowerHouse to conduct a Contact Center Assessment that focused on optimum staffing levels, hours of operation, organizational structure of an expanded workgroup, and the technology infrastructure required to support the enterprise and its anticipated growth. As well, recruiting, hiring, and training for the anticipated expansion of the Contact Center workforce were to be addressed. PowerHouse evaluated the existing phone systems; our recommendations allowed NGE to meet customer expectations and anticipated call volume growth. Upon analysis of existing KPIs for both Customer Service and Technical Support, our consultants recommended the appropriate metrics. We provided a plan for the short- and long-term and guided decision points throughout the project. The end-result was a comprehensive set of strategies to assist NGE in creating operational efficiencies. This positioned the Contact Center for growth, achieving operational scalability, and optimizing the Customer Experience.

Travelers Life and Annuity

PowerHouse collaborated with Travelers Life and Annuity in evaluating its Retail Annuities Call Center operation. The goal of the engagement was to assist the organization in achieving best in class for its Call Center. Our comprehensive Operational Assessment covered strategic planning, organizational design, technology, hiring and retention, processes and procedures, call handling, quality monitoring, and training. Both short- and long-term recommendations were presented; these formed the basis for further planning and decision-making.