Call Center Assessments

A comprehensive Call Center Assessment can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your operation’s practices.

Contact Center leaders seek PowerHouse collaboration and advice for a variety of reasons. They may be concerned that the business is not running optimally and that operational efficiency is lacking. They may have trouble maintaining a successful workforce management program, implementing quality initiatives, or yielding the desired customer experience. Some clients simply seek a “health check-up” to validate the effectiveness of current processes and procedures.

PowerHouse consultants are flexible – we offer no canned solutions or forced methodologies. Our Contact Center Assessments projects are driven by our client’s unique business needs, as well as by project scope, desired outcomes, and schedule requirements. PowerHouse leverages its customized planning and data gathering tools to conduct onsite observations, interviews, and focus groups. These are carefully crafted to quickly yield the information needed to generate a complete and unbiased view of current operational practices.

We make valuable use of our onsite time – talking with staff, assessing efficiencies, and scrutinizing current processes and practices within five key areas.

  • Leadership and Organization
    • Call Center Organization and Management Structure
    • Functional Roles and Responsibilities
    • Reporting Relationships
    • Support Roles within the Contact Center
  • Operations and Processes
    • Call Center Business Goal and Function
    • Internal and External Customers
    • Contact Channels and Handling
    • Major Tasks Performed and by Whom
    • Information Requirements – Resources and Tools
    • Escalation and Support Processes
    • Manual Work Processes
    • Process Efficiencies and Inefficiencies
    • Cross-functional Communication and Information Sharing
    • Change Management Initiatives
  • Systems and Technology
    • Inventory of Contact Center Systems and Technologies
    • Use of Mobile Applications
    • Routing and Distribution of Customer Interactions
    • Systems Integration
    • Quality Monitoring and Recording Capabilities
    • Desktop Information Technology
    • Reporting Technology – Generation and Distribution of Reports
    • Business Analytics – Quality and Accuracy of Data
    • Business Continuity Planning
  • Staffing and Workforce Management (WFM)
    • Contact Volumes and Staffing Levels
    • Characteristics of Demand
    • Forecasting and Scheduling
    • Use of Systems and Data
    • Intra-day Management
  • Performance and People
    • Call Center Performance Measures
    • Nature of Call Quality Monitoring Program
    • Desired Competencies and Performance Issues
    • Nature and Effectiveness of Training Program
    • Retention, Staff Development, and Career Pathing
    • Staff Morale and Attitudes

An analysis of data gathering results includes mapping current practices against future goals and identifying gaps and mis-alignments.

The output? A Roadmap that provides you with a clearly defined set of prioritized recommendations that will allow your Call Center to reach new levels of operational efficiency and to provide a greater contribution to your organization’s business goals.