Strategic Planning Solutions

Call Center Strategic Planning

PowerHouse recognizes the growing importance of management and technology decisions on a client’s business and ultimate success or failure. Companies today must be sharp, focused, and technically equipped to handle the demands put upon them. To address these issues, PowerHouse offers Strategic Planning services.

Based on years of in-the-field experience, PowerHouse’s strategic planning process assures thoughtful and effective analysis, recommendations, and implementation.

We partner with your top management team to identify the key strategic elements against which all Call Center operational practices must tightly align. Our strategic sessions yield targeted results, including:

  • Validation of company vision, brand, and business goals
  • Goal alignment for revenue growth, operations, and the customer experience
  • Match-up of revenue goals to operational and technology requirements
  • Development of a global set of activities to guide tactical initiatives

The output? A Stra-Tactical Blueprint against which to evaluate Call Center operational effectiveness and guide the investigation process.

Consider the benefits of a Call Center Strategic Plan to your enterprise, your employees, and your customers:

  • Operational goals that match the enterprise mission and vision
  • A vehicle for determining whether current technology aligns with corporate goals
  • Improved customer branding capabilities
  • Stronger management grasp of operational realities
  • Better communication among executives and frontline staff