Telecommunications Assessments Services

Let PowerHouse perform a detailed analysis of your telecommunications systems.

Clients often ask PowerHouse to analyze their existing systems and services and assess whether their current telecommunications technologies will meet future business needs. Many factors drive these initiatives: outgrown capacities, changes in business focus, mergers, competitive pressures, cost cutting mandates, and changes in the market.

To address these concerns, PowerHouse offers comprehensive Telecommunications Assessments to client organizations. In this analysis process, we measure your telecom technology against current and future business drivers. The Telecommunications Assessment includes an analysis of client hardware, software, networks, and voice/data technologies. Our recommendations are targeted at increasing your operating efficiencies and maximizing ROI.

We offer assessment services that include the following: PBX Inventory and Capacity Evaluation, Network and Cabling Evaluation, and Network Services Billing Evaluation.

A tested methodology! PowerHouse has developed and maintains a fine-tuned set of customizable data gathering tools. We convene interviews with key stakeholders and team members in your organization to gather existing and future telecommunications requirements. The goal is to understand your organization’s future direction and plans as they relate to telecommunications technology and systems design.

We explore the gaps. Once data gathering is completed, we perform a gap analysis to map the current state to the strategic goals of your organization. We detail the systems and network inventory information compiled; summarize the interview process and results; and provide our findings, design alternatives, and recommendations for optimal systems and network design.

We offer design alternatives. Using our industry knowledge, we then identify appropriate design alternatives for your new telecommunications environment and the strengths and weaknesses of each. We develop conceptual alternatives and present them during a client decision-making session. Our consultants work with you to review design options, select an optimum design, and define an implementation schedule.

The bottom-line benefit to you? Increased productivity, improved customer service, reduced telecommunications equipment and services costs, and practical approaches to meeting your short-term and long-term business goals.