PowerHouse Healthcare Consulting Services

PowerHouse Consulting:  Transforming Patient Access … Any Time, Any Place, Any Way  

A Long and Rich Experience in HealthcareFounded by industry visionary Kathleen Peterson in 1987, PowerHouse Consulting is an internationally recognized professional Management Consulting firm specializing in all aspects of Call Centers and Telecommunications.

powerhouse2Since our beginning, we have assisted Healthcare organizations and other clients to assess, strategically plan for, and create operational and technical environments that satisfy the needs of the organization, its employees, and its customers. PowerHouse understands the complex relationship between technology and process in Healthcare organizations – from nurse triage, to practitioner mobility within hospitals, to first call resolution in the Scheduling Center. We have melded our nearly 30 years of Call Center expertise and experience in voice and data technologies with a solid grasp of the tactical challenges within Healthcare.

PowerHouse has collaborated with many prominent Healthcare organizations, including Bassett Healthcare Network, BayCare Health System, Cleveland Clinic, Cooper University Hospital, MedStar Health, Mid Coast Health Services, NYU Langone Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and many more.

What We Offer to Healthcare ClientsPowerHouse delivers solid results in the assessment, implementation, and integration of Healthcare Call Centers for all facets of Patient/Provider Access and Appointment Scheduling. Our services include Call Center Strategic Planning, Optimization Assessments, Call Center Consolidation, IT and Telecommunications Assessments, Staffing and Workforce Optimization, Procurement Management, and Custom Learning Programs.

PowerHouse offers deep entrenchment within the Call Center world with a solid grasp of all strategic and operational elements. Our Healthcare Consulting Services are the proven way to promote and protect patient loyalty in a highly competitive environment. We have the experience to evaluate complex business interactions and translate them to simple and quantifiable initiatives. Our experience and know-how provide the key to enabling ultimate Patient Access – any place, any time, and any way. 

Transforming Access and the Patient ExperiencePowerHouse consultants understand Healthcare organizations as they look to promote Access and assure the ultimate Patient Experience. As Healthcare systems expand, the number of hospitals, departments, surgical centers, physician offices, and specialty practices under one organization has skyrocketed. This growth presents challenges to internal organizational models that are ill-equipped to scale to new demands.

powerhouse1Hospital and health systems are challenged just to remain fiscally sound and the Patient and Customer Experience is the ultimate competitive battleground. Government regulations and escalating costs often place the Patient Experience and operating budgets at odds. This is where our standout Healthcare Consulting Services comes in. We help clients shift the focus from good to great Patient Experiences and provide the tools and tactics to streamline Access to services exactly how, when, and where they are wanted.

Leveraging Advances in Healthcare Technology. Today’s Healthcare organizations realize that patient access to services must be simple. Patients often navigate within a labyrinth of access numbers, voice menus, and Answer Centers to reach the services they’re looking for. PowerHouse has the experience in the latest voice and data technologies to offer deep strategic and operational solutions. We are experts in combining cutting-edge innovations in technology, organizational practices, and processes to deliver the highest standards of patient care.

Recent advances in technology allow Healthcare organizations to consider the use of technology in places not previously applied. PowerHouse leverages recent developments in Speech Recognition, Electronic Health Records, Email, and Mobile Applications to offer patients optimal Access to Healthcare services. As well, tools that enable desktop applications to connect to backend systems and databases have become more robust and easier to use. Staffing and forecasting techniques ensure that your Call Centers meet their patient access goals, provide a branded Patient/Customer Experience, and optimize staffing levels and agent utilization.

Let our seasoned team help you design a holistic patient interaction strategy utilizing all Call Center channels and integrating back office operations. Optimization of your Call Center technology provides preferred Access to “expert” agents skilled in specific physician practices and/or medical specialties. Our technology consulting services are free of bias or “handshake” deals with vendors. We are proud members of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC), a premier organization of ethically-based and independent professionals.

Getting It Right the First TimePowerHouse assists Healthcare organizations to get the most from their Call Center initiatives and investments. We blend and balance the unique needs of providers, patients, staff, and administration when it comes to Access and the Patient Experience in today’s ever changing Healthcare landscape … helping to get it right the first time.