Systems Integration Development and Deployment Expertise

PowerHouse Consulting’s Systems Integration Practice brings years of experience in design and deployment services to the integration space. We take data seriously and believe our clients should too. With our variety of Systems Integration services we can help you solve your critical business needs, no matter how complex they may seem.

Working with our team, we will help guide you through the process of designing, deploying, and sustaining integrations within and across your enterprise. Whether you require a ground up integration strategy or need expert assistance and integration testing to get you over some bumps in the road, we have the offerings and expertise to get you there.

We pride ourselves on being your go to partner for integration services, whether a onetime engagement or long term support. We are committed to your success over the lifecycle of your integration.

Integration Services

Integration Strategy

PowerHouse recognizes the importance of creating a holistic integration strategy that ties in with enterprise vision and mission to advance business objectives. Our team of experts will support you in developing a comprehensive integration strategy. We will work with your team to: validate business goals and objectives, work with business stakeholders to define integration requirements, assess, review, and document integrations, and provide oversight in the deployment process. The outcome is a cohesive integration strategy that drives business objectives and capitalizes on your technology investments.

Design Assurance

Use our expert team to help your internal IT staff design the “straw man” for your integration workflows. We help you understand the complex and nuanced details of data synchronizations and then assist your team to build an effective and sustainable integration.

Integration Design and Deployment

Our experts will work with your business stakeholders to find the optimal path for a successful outcome for the business. We’ll then work backwards to match the technology integration approach to the desired outcomes. We work hand in hand with your teams throughout the design and deployment process and stay in lockstep throughout testing and go live.

Audit Services

Maybe you built something internally that is not keeping up with the business, or maybe you were delivered an integration that you have outgrown. Whatever the challenge, we customize our approach based on your needs to help you document the integrations you have in place, isolate problem areas, and come up with a plan to remedy any findings.

Integration Testing and Expert Troubleshooting

Sometimes errors happen. With our integration testing and expert troubleshooting we can assist in identifying how and why errors occur and indicate clear paths to resolution. PowerHouse Systems Integration Practice also offers services that can equip you with tools to identify and test future issues and methodologies to quickly resolve them.