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Let Kathleen Peterson share her passion, humor, and expertise at your next conference or corporate event. Kathleen is the enthusiastic originator of many acclaimed presentations based on her years of collaboration with top management, including Brand Energy Power™ and the Customer Experience Optimization Program™ (CEOP). Both topics offer wonderful anecdotes and rich insights into the customer experience and the role of leadership in assuring success at all levels.

Unless you have experienced Kathleen first-hand, you cannot explain her! Audiences across four continents laugh with Kathleen as she shares her stories and brings audiences to their feet with tales of today’s Customer Care business realities.

Brand Energy Power™
Branding the Experience Takes Vision, Action,
Leadership, and YOU

Customers today are savvy and expect world class service. They quit buying from organizations that tolerate silos and inhibit positive customer experiences. Brand Energy Power™ moves organizations from vision to action, driving the brand and customer experience through every customer touch point, unifying every employee with a shared set of goals.

You will discover that Brand Energy Power™ …

  • Translates business drivers from the executive office to everyday processes
  • Transforms the vision to clarify and unify each and every customer experience
  • Attracts and retains the best employees and customers
  • Demands leadership at all levels
  • Creates brand loyalty with customers

Customer Experience Optimization Program™
How “Experience Enablers” Set Your
Organization Apart

Successful businesses recognize excellent customer experience as a key market and brand differentiator. Companies create the customer experience by tapping powerful “Experience Enablers.” These include 24/7 access, multiple-access channels, automation options, and many more. But, the key to effectiveness is execution. This program links your strategic goals and your operational execution, by exploring the proven best practices.

You will discover that Customer Experience Optimization …

  • Deepens your brand and strategy – driving deeper market penetration
  • Transforms strategy to tactics at every customer touch point
  • Enables customers to do business with you through their own preferred channels
  • Generates systems and enthusiasm for cross-functional collaboration
  • Focuses on customer experience to ensure customer loyalty across the enterprise


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