Our Marketing and Media Clients

Carlson Marketing Group

The Carlson Marketing Group is an outsource service partner for Call Center and Customer Care fulfillment services. The rapid growth of customers and calls within one large account caused concerns regarding process, performance, and technology within the Call Center. PowerHouse was engaged to assess current operations including work processes, call flow, call handling, and technology support. We recommended operational improvement initiatives to accommodate growth, gain efficiencies, and provide a high level of service.

The New York Times

The New York Times (NYT) Classified Ads Call Center generates sales and provides support to customers seeking to place professional or personal ads in the newspaper or online. Since the Classified Ads department produces significant revenue, management sought to evaluate and improve the operational efficiency of the Call Center. PowerHouse conducted an Operational Assessment to examine all facets of day-to-day activity: management practices, performance measures, answer rate, resource utilization, sales productivity, and technology. We presented a set of concrete recommendations that addressed the areas of most concern. Management subsequently requested that PowerHouse lead several of the recommended initiatives related to strategic planning, organizational/operational improvements, technology, and training. The results were improved sales, higher productivity, increased customer service, and more effective performance measures.

WGBH Public Radio and Television

WGBH is Boston’s PBS affiliate with three public radio stations and three public television stations. PowerHouse assisted WGBH to replace its Call Center PBX system within a large campus environment. We performed a Telecommunications Needs Assessment that defined the current state of technology and facilitated the development of design requirements. PowerHouse managed the RFP process as well as the implementation of a 1400 line PBX replacement. The project included replacing network and Telco carriers, doing extensive department reconfiguring, conducting station reviews, and managing the user training. The final solution included an Avaya G3r with Audix voicemail system, a CentreVu Call Center suite of applications for a 200-seat Membership Drive Call Center application, and integration of an existing AppleTalk network.