Custom Learning and Training Programs

Your story and company brand are unique. So why subject Call Center associates to same old, same old canned training and presentations?

PowerHouse Consulting designs and develops customized Call Center and Customer Service training programs that are tailored to your culture, business goals, people, and brand. We offer single experiences or entire programs built around your company’s unique drivers and reflecting your sprit and energy.

As appropriate, we inventory existing client training and job support material for suitability, relevance, and potential inclusion.

PowerHouse training initiatives align within the broader context of your company’s performance improvement needs. Our palette includes complete Call Center new-hire programs, management seminars, communication and business writing workshops, company overviews, and transactional/user training.

Depending upon your internal resources, we can combine multiple media – intranet, e-learning, classroom, video, online tools – to create a memorable learning experience.

PowerHouse follows a tested and very flexible methodology that accounts for the unique ways people learn and absorb – while keeping top business goals and required competencies in mind.

  • Data Gathering and Analysis – Identify client business goals, required job competences, performance objectives, current training and job support resources (including web-based tools), and key content.
  • Design – Facilitate a design work session with key players to identify overall scope, approach, structure, sequencing, objectives, media, content, and duration. Identify content and development resources. Document results via a Training and Job Support Blueprint that guides the development process.
  • Prototype – Create a small yet functioning sample to gain buy-in before full development. Formulate development standards for consistency among developers.
  • Development – Gather detailed content, create materials, and test the entire program, including activities and exercises. Create a performance evaluation plan to support learning.
  • Rollout – We’re flexible. We can either conduct Train-The-Trainer work sessions or manage and deliver the training ourselves.

Our training model can also support the development of training materials by your internal team. For this approach, PowerHouse provides leadership, management oversight, design vision, and quality assurance to your internal training team.