Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

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Fun reduces stress, increases mutual feelings of confidence, and just plain breeds good will. Taking a fun approach in the Contact Center to key activities such as training, coaching, and communication demonstrates leadership’s willingness to put the same effort into the Frontline Experience as the front line is expected to put into the Customer Experience. Learn some fun ideas and …

Centralized Scheduling: Turning Challenges into Triumphs

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Building a Centralized Scheduling Contact Center in your Healthcare system is no easy task. Without a solid project plan you may wind up with an inefficient and costly model, with the Call Center broken up into small groups dedicated to individual practices. Learn the 7 essential project tracks for building a successful centralized operation that meets the strategic goals for …

Podcast – The Fast Leaders Show with Jim Rembach / Episode 115: I actually flew off the handle

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Kathleen Peterson works with many growing, quality focused organizations looking to achieve excellence when it comes to delivering on the Customer Experience – across all access channels.  She has a very strong practice in Healthcare right now working with many systems to elevate their Contact Center environments to the level of strategic asset by optimization in key areas like people, …

Talk is Cheap…or is it?

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Despite the never-ending seduction of new and emerging automation technologies to drive cost savings, Customer Care professionals must keep in mind the value of human contact. Voice is far from dead; it simply has been elevated to address more complex issues in today’s Customer Care/Contact Center arena. Learn how to invest in the right resources to yield a high performance …

The Value of Healthcare Contact Centers: What Executives Need to Know

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Many executives are unfamiliar with the power of service level as a major factor in the operational execution of Contact Center services. Learn how to provide your executives with a “tactical” understanding of your Healthcare Call Center and reap the rewards of “tangible” support in the form of budget, resources, and technology.

The Cold Shoulder of Customer Care

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Today’s consumer has multiple options to consider when purchasing pretty much anything. If staff are indifferent, hostile, or snub consumers, how much worse can a robot be? Contact Center communication must be more about empathy and less about apathy and disengagement. What can you do to set your Contact Center apart from the competition?

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare: The Contact Center as a Strategic Asset

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Healthcare is changing dramatically and quickly. The result is that Call Centers have emerged haphazardly and face varied challenges. Today’s Call Center must be scalable to support growth and savvy enough to deliver on efficiency. Learn how to overcome key challenges and position the Call Center as a positive, valued asset within the organization.

Food for Thought … Promote Your Contact Center’s Visibility

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Your Call Center’s enterprise identity is linked to how others see you – or DON’T see you. You must be able to articulate your performance, contribution, and business needs in ways that resonate with corporate drivers. Learn how to take charge of positioning your Contact Center as a visible strategic asset rather than a factory-like, backroom operation.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

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Today’s Contact Center clients recognize an excellent Customer Experience as a key market differentiator. The desired outcome is that all customer touch points are aligned and in tune to the same objective – meeting customer needs, wants, and preferences in a professional and consistent manner while simultaneously gaining efficiencies and simplifying processes. This positions the Call Center as a strategic …

Face the Music….Call Yourself!

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The union of strategy and tactics in the Contact Center requires looking at all points of contact. The greetings, the music, and the messaging on hold are at the entrance to your organization and shape your customer’s first impressions. Poor choices in this arena are damaging to the Customer Experience and the brand. Is your hold music a match to …