Joy To The World … 10 Wishes For 2018

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Contact Centers are a sea of change; navigating change means constantly evaluating operational conditions. Ten wishes to bring joy, fun, and excitement to your Call Center! Create an environment where Customer Experience is paramount and those facilitating it can shine.

Five Obstacles to Digital Access in Today’s Healthcare Contact Centers

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Healthcare is notoriously behind the times when it comes to digital access. A big obstacle to the future of digital access in Healthcare is poor processes. It’s time to weed out the obstacles to be ready when the “digital natives” seek out their care options. Learn to overcome five core barriers to digital access and create a baseline for assessing …

Mastering the “Fine Art” of Conversation in a Digital World

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Contact Center leaders face a new threat. Device devotion has hijacked the ability to converse with others and also with ourselves. Yet, conversations move strategic and complex projects along more quickly than alternative methods. It is imperative to engage on a human level to grow conversational skills which are more art than science. How can you improve your “fine art” …

Survey Says … Human Factors to Consider

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There is no more important factor in today’s Healthcare Contact Center than training. Yet it is too often given short shrift. A recent survey of Healthcare Contact Center professionals sheds light on training and people management challenges. Gain insight into the state of today’s Healthcare Call Center as we watch the industry grow.

Complacency: Danger in the Comfort Zone

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When complacency dominates the Call Center culture it is insidious and has a gradual and  cumulative effect. Change is resisted and innovation and creativity become unknown commodities. This leads to behaviors that do not deliver on the Customer Experience. Learn how to fight complacency by challenging yourself and those around you.

Survey Says Healthcare Contact Centers = Adventureland

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Survey results from the Healthcare Call Center Times Conference in Salt Lake City where Kathleen Peterson had the opportunity and pleasure to speak to a group of Healthcare Contact Center professionals. Many Contact Center professionals feel the journey ahead is an Adventureland filled with excitement and intrigue. Gain insights into the biggest challenges today’s Healthcare Contact Centers face!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

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Fun reduces stress, increases mutual feelings of confidence, and just plain breeds good will. Taking a fun approach in the Contact Center to key activities such as training, coaching, and communication demonstrates leadership’s willingness to put the same effort into the Frontline Experience as the front line is expected to put into the Customer Experience. Learn some fun ideas and …

Centralized Scheduling: Turning Challenges into Triumphs

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Building a Centralized Scheduling Contact Center in your Healthcare system is no easy task. Without a solid project plan you may wind up with an inefficient and costly model, with the Call Center broken up into small groups dedicated to individual practices. Learn the 7 essential project tracks for building a successful centralized operation that meets the strategic goals for …

Podcast – The Fast Leaders Show with Jim Rembach / Episode 115: I actually flew off the handle

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Kathleen Peterson works with many growing, quality focused organizations looking to achieve excellence when it comes to delivering on the Customer Experience – across all access channels.  She has a very strong practice in Healthcare right now working with many systems to elevate their Contact Center environments to the level of strategic asset by optimization in key areas like people, …

Talk is Cheap…or is it?

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Despite the never-ending seduction of new and emerging automation technologies to drive cost savings, Customer Care professionals must keep in mind the value of human contact. Voice is far from dead; it simply has been elevated to address more complex issues in today’s Customer Care/Contact Center arena. Learn how to invest in the right resources to yield a high performance …